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Graham Howat explains how POP will be an ‘enhanced value’ airline

An interview with POP’s Chief Operations Officer and founding partner

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Author: POP
Date: 28th July 2016
Keywords: Interview, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, India, Poposition, Business, Non-stop flights, Cargo

Graham Howat

POP talks about being an ‘enhanced value’ airline. What does that mean exactly?

‘Enhanced value’ is a term that I coined to encapsulate the service
we’re aiming to offer and to differentiate us from other airlines,
whether ‘low cost’ or ‘full service’.
The POP service will be internet-based, of course, and we’ll be
offering highly competitive fares and operating the same modern
equipment as the competition. But beyond that, we’ll be flying nonstop
services to new destinations, yielding major reductions in overall
journey times. Some inflight and ground services will be chargeable
but we want our passengers - and competitors - to view our offer
overall as very good value, safe, competent, clean and comfortable,
and delivered with on-time, thoughtful and friendly customer service.
And on top of all that, we will also be enhancing the lives of those in the communities POP serves through our charitable donations aimed at meeting the needs of the most vulnerable. We anticipate that, in time, cities will compete to attract POP and that our approach to charitable giving will resonate with the target market and stimulate both demand and growth.

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FIA Radio interview

Graham Howat

Graham Howat speaking at launch

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