The pop-stars team

Meet flypop's founders as well as members of its management team, who together all bring to flypop a diverse wealth of aviation experience and knowledge from many different fields.

Nino Judge
(Nino) Navdip Singh Judge

Chief Executive and Founder - AOC Accountable Manager

An Aeronautical Engineer with a diverse career path as British Army Officer, Bond trader/broker and Formula 1 Team Owner, Nino brings the vision, passion, leadership and management experience to the flypop team

(Jay) Jayesh Parshotham

Investor & Senior Investment Adviser

Jay has spent 20 years working for a major US investment bank as trader and a managing director responsible for trading businesses across London, Hong Kong and New York. Jay has spent the last 3 years as a Partner and Emerging Markets portfolio manager for a London based macro hedge fund.

Gary Stephenson
Max Minhas

Investor & International Investment Adviser

Serial entrepreneur with investments in a variety of industries in several countries. Passionately involved in connecting human and financial capital across the globe.

Charlie Clifton

Senior Operations Adviser

With over 30 years of experience in the low cost airline business there is very little that Charlie has not come across before. flypop is immensely fortunate that he is part of the team.

Bobby Bhakar
(Bobby) Balvinder Singh Bhakar

CTO and Founder

Bobby has a keen eye for new technology gaps and opportunities in the marketplace. He has vast experience in e-commerce specialising in pricing and trading platform systems as well as product development.

John Romo

Chief Operating Officer

Highly experienced aviation executive specialising in all commercial areas of aviation including aircraft leasing, wet lease operations and charter flights from many years service with Monarch and Skytrail.

Chris Rourke
Chris Rourke

Chief Financial Officer

Our Canadian team member brings over 25 years of invaluable global financial services experience from several bulge bracket investment banks including UBS along with prior business interests in India.

Richard Bate
Richard Bate

Chief Marketing Officer

Richard is an aviation marketing veteran bringing experience from BA Concorde, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and start-up experience from Etihad. His passion is product and customer service which is a match made in heaven for flypop.

Sinéad Conroy

Head of Ground Operations - AOC Nominated Person

Sinéad is an Aviation professional with over 25years experience in the Airline industry. A highly regarded former member of the Ryanair management team,

Max Wright

Director of Flight Operations - DFO - AOC Nominated Person

Max is an extremely experienced airbus pilot, manager and instructor with a wealth of knowledge in all sectors of the flying industry bringing military, legacy, low cost, regional and start-up airlines knowledge to the brand.

Armin Kniele
Capt. Armin Kniele

Chief Pilot - AOC Nominated Person

Armin has worked as an Airbus instructor pilot focused on airline start-ups and airline operational reconstruction, with over 20 years airline and over 10 years airline training/management experience.

Adrian Crooks
Adrian Crooks

Quality & Safety Officer - AOC Nominated Person

Adrian comes with a wealth of Regulatory and Airline engineering experience, having recently left the CAA after 15 years as a Senior Airworthiness Surveyor.

Graham Howat
Graham Howat

Technical Director and Founder - AOC Nominated Person

An aviation professional to his core, Graham brings to flypop as one of its original founders a lifetime of airline engineering knowledge and expertise from BA and HAECO (Cathay)

Rohan Alce
Rohan Alce

Head of Sales & Revenue

Rohan has had extensive involvement with new route launches in Europe and North America including the VFR market between the UK, North America and the Indian sub-continent.

Gary Stephenson
Gary Stephenson

Head of ICT

Meet the information communication technology (ICT) guru of the team, with over 17 years of experience and technical and analytical skills

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