Charity Partners

flypop will support charities working in the communities it serves. flypop’s charitable-giving, over time, will help orphanages and sick and/or malnourished children, mothers and women, provide education, and assist the hungry, homeless, destitute, disabled and elderly in need. Read about the fantastic charities in both the UK and India currently supported by flypop.

Huskee licking boy
Dreams Come True brings joy to children and young people with serious and life-limiting conditions across the UK by making their dreams come true
Dreams Come True
School can be so much fun!
As the largest education charity in India, Pratham operates in 20 states and has helped over 36 million children to date. flypop will support Pratham’s work in Punjab and Gujarat
Jumping for joy!
Railway Children is a UK-based charity that works to protect the millions of children living on the streets and railways in India, including those in Amritsar and Ahmedabad
Railway Children – India
A SkillForce instructor provides a steadying hand while taking a student out of their comfort zone during a Royal Foundation residential retreat
SkillForce's veterans work with UK schools to inspire children and young people to cherish their uniqueness, realize their potential and sieze their opportunities

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