Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True is a UK children’s charity whose mission is quite simply to bring joy to children and young people with serious and life-limiting conditions across the country by making their dreams come true


Over the last 27 years Dreams Come True has fulfilled dreams for more than 5000 children and young people, as well as their friends, family and carers.

What it does

Dreams Come True helps children and young people with serious and life-limiting medical conditions. Its highly experienced team members work hard to ensure that every child has an unforgettable experience fulfilling their dream, with long-lasting memories to share with families, loved ones and friends.

Each dream is totally unique. Some children want to meet their idol or favourite cartoon character, while others want to visit their grandparents abroad, ride a ‘unicorn’, swim with dolphins or work on a fashion magazine. Many want help with their everyday lives and Dreams Come True is delighted to provide, for example, vital sensory equipment, specialist wheelchairs or adapted tricycles as well.

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Why it does it

Children and young people living with serious medical conditions often have to cope with endless rounds of hospital visits, painful treatments and the prospect of living with a long-term debilitating disease.

Fulfilling a dream provides a positive focus empowering both them and their families with new enthusiasm and strength to deal with ongoing daily struggles of illness, gruelling hospital treatment and sometimes sad loss. It is a legacy of hope and well-being that is poignantly expressed in many hundreds of thank you letters Dreams Come True receives from Dream Children and their families.


The impact of dreams

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"Dreams Come True is delighted and excited to be chosen by POP as a charity partner. The vision and the values of POP are forward looking, progressive and socially responsible, and their success will bring benefits not just to their customers, but to many disadvantaged people in the communities they serve. We are proud to be associated with them"

Peter Newman
Chief Executive, Dreams Come True

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