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Dreams Come True is delighted and excited to be chosen by flypop as a charity partner. The vision and the values of flypop are forward looking, progressive and socially responsible, and their success will bring benefits not just to their customers, but to many disadvantaged people in the communities they serve. We are proud to be associated with them

Peter Newman, Chief Executive, Dream Come True

Pratham is proud to be partnering with flypop in a venture that is both visionary and revolutionary. If more businesses put people at the centre of their strategy rather than just balance sheets, we would soon be living in a more equal and sustainable world

Vinati Sukhdev, Executive Director, Pratham

We’re really excited about the partnership between Railway Children and flypop. flypop and its customers will be helping us to change the lives of vulnerable children in the communities they’re travelling to. It’s an inspirational new way of doing business and we’re delighted to be involved

Terina Keene, CEO, Railway Children

We are delighted with the partnership between SkillForce and flypop, which will help us to transform the lives of children and young people on our educational programmes by enabling them to develop resilience, self confidence and the belief to succeed

Ben Slade, Chief Executive, SkillForce

We're honestly astounded by this idea – why has no one thought of it before? Finally an organisation looking after more than those at the top!

Peter Garrett, Director, Serenity Digital

VAP considers itself to be very fortunate to be part of flypop and its campaign. flypop delivers a social corporate balance never seen before; it takes a special kind of passion and dedication to think for the wider society and not profit alone

Executive Board, VAP Associates, Ahmedabad
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