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Our Vision

We are our customer. flypop is an airline for the South Asian diaspora run by the members of the asian diaspora.

We want to make travelling ‘home’ an affordable proposition for everyone.

Interior of the Airbus A330-300 in POP livery

Our Airline

flypop has a simple philosophy.

To offer the most affordable direct non-stop flights to the preferred destination cities of our passengers.

It’s safer, it’s quicker and it’s more affordable. We operate a one class service, where everyone is treated with kindness and respect. We combine the best practices of British management with South East Asian hospitality.

Golden Temple precinct, Amritsar

Our customers

Reuniting families and friends.

You, the customer, remain in control of what you do and what you pay for. Our commitment is to treat you with respect and dignity throughout your travel experience.

We want to achieve the “Highest Common Factor” within air travel, not the “Lowest Common Denominator”.

Our beautiful world

Our environment

flypop aims to be the first truly carbon-neutral international airline. We will offset the carbon emissions for every flight.

flypop will strive to support carbon offsetting projects that are operating in the geographical areas where we fly, wherever possible.

Our approach

flypop will always be fair, transparent and honest

flypop will always strive to provide great value, the highest level of service and the best flying experience for our customers

flypop wants to go a step further than this by creating an extended pop family of like-minded, socially aware people that includes our customers, staff and business partners.

We believe that people are stronger in groups than as individuals, so our growing pop family can together change the way that big business is done.

The flypop approach: not just good business but a new approach to business.

POP will help communites and individuals come together

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