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Back story

Read a little about flypop's back story, which has over 15 years in the making!

Nino at Southampton University, 1987

Frustrated by the high cost and long flight times (no direct flights) involved in visiting family in Ludhiana India, Nino first explored the idea of an airline to serve India with non-stop low-cost flights way back in 2003. The air services agreement between the UK and India at the time made it impossible to obtain any flight slots at Heathrow or even to gain permission to fly to India’s second cities.

Fast-forward more than a decade and the changing social, economic and political conditions allowed for the project to be revived. A new air service agreement between the UK and India now allowed a certain number of flights per week to India’s second cities, and India had invested heavily in upgrading the airports of Amritsar and Ahmedabad to international standards. India's rapidly growing economy had now established India as an economic power on the world stage.

After working closely with Tony Fernandes (Group CEO Air Asia) for 5 years at the Lotus F1 Team, Nino realised that the Air Asia X Low Cost Long Haul business model was ideally suited to flights from Europe to South Asia with a maximum flight time of 10 hours. For the nearly three million UK nationals of the Indian diaspora this now provided for the first time an affordable and convenient option for those who wanted to visit friend and relatives back “home”.

Nino at Southampton University, 1987

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